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16gb Flash Drive 2011/15

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A 16GB flash drive is a great device for storing all your music, images and computer data - everything can be transferred to the memory stick at lightning speed.

A USB flash drive - also known as a key or pen drive or USB stick - is small and handy for moving information and data safely and easily from one computer to another.

We have a huge range of 16GB flash drives for you to take a look at from major UK computer and electronic stores including Maplins, PC World, Dabs, Dixons, Amazon and Crucial UK.

We also feature a range of 32GB and 64GB flash drives.

Prices for a cheap 16GB flash drive start at around and rise to over £250 for devices with features such as bootable capacity, HD TV media player and hardware-based encryption.

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16GB Flash Drive - transfer your data by memory stick as quick as a Flash!

One of the best hi-tech innovations in recent years is the USB pen drive - a brilliant memory storage device which allows you to transfer all your digital data.

Gone are the days when computer users needed to use standard 3.5 inch floppy disk with a paltry 1.44mb storage capacity to move images and text documents from one PC to another, or burn a 700mb of information or audio to a CD for use on a computer of CD player. A USB (Universal Serial Bus) flash drive has thousands of times more storage capacity than these older storage formats.

The arrival of the USB flash drive - or thumb or pen stick - was a giant technological leap which enabled us to transfer large amounts of data to an from the handy small device via a USB input socket on a desktop PC, laptop, netbook or other computer device. A USB memory stick is the perfect tool for the job of storing and transferring data.

One of the most popular sizes of USB memory flash drives is the 16 gigabyte device and we bring you hundreds of great products from leading UK computer and electronic stores - at the best prices around. So whether you’re looking for a basic cheap 16gb flash drive or a more expensive device with built in security and other features, you’re sure to find something that appeals here.

We’ve tracked down the best prices for 16gb flash drives from leading UK electrical and computer stores including Insight, My Memory, Dabs, Comet, PC World, Expansys, Tesco, Argos, Amazon, Ebay, Saverstore, GameSeek, Play.com, Homebase, Mac Warehouse and Insight. You’ll find all the top 16gb flash drive names here including Lexar, Sandisk, Corsair, Sony, Kingston, Transcend, LaCie, Integral Crypto, Hypertec, Digittrade and Intenso.

We also feature an impressive range of cheap 32gb USB flash drives and even massive Pro Duo 64gb flash drives which are capable of storing huge amounts of data. Many are water resistant, dustproof, shockproof and tamper resistant and some come with removable cap or retractable USB connector to protect it from damage when not connected to another device.

A USB memory stick is ideal for transferring avi, mp4 or mpeg movies, mp3 music tracks, software programs and many other data to your PC, Apple mac computer, laptop, netbook and many other devices including certain ebook readers and touchscreen units such as an Android APad or Epad. A flash drive can also be used with many midi keyboards, midi instruments, digital audio interfaces and other music devices.

An 16gb flash drive is also great for watching a movie on your home hard drive DVD recorder if it has a port for a usb device. This allows you to watch MP4, avi and other format movies which you have stored on your flash drive, without the need to burn them to a DVD first.

USB pen drives are small and lightweight, making them really easy to carry around in your pocket or laptop case. Mini USB memory sticks are extra small in size. They are available to buy in a range of different storage sizes including 128mb, 256mb, 520mb, 1gb, 2gb, 4gb, 8gb, 16gb, 32gb and 128gb.

It’s best to buy a drive with USB 2.0 or the new USB 3.0 capability as this operates with a much faster data transfer rate, meaning you will be able to move data between devices much more quickly than the original USB standard.

Some 18gb USB flash drives come with 256-bit hardware encryption to allow you to safely protect any sensitive and confidential information on the memory stick. These type of drives feature a keypad where you can set a 4 to 10 digit secure pin number which you tap in before using the device. The Corsair Flash Padlock USB drive is a particularly popular secure pen drive. There is no need to install software to use the security feature which works with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Common uses for a 16gb Flash Drive - the ideal USB memory stick

There are dozens of great ways to use a 16gb flash drive which take the hassle out of moving data and audio to various other devices.

The most common use of a 16gb flash drive is to transport or store all your personal files including video, photographs and pictures in various formats including jpeg, tiff, gif and png, documents and computer games and applications. Just plug your flash drive into an available USB port and drag required information to the new location.

USB flash drives are widely used in the computer repair trade for transferring antivirus and recovery software to Pcs which have been infected with viruses, spyware or other malware.

A 16gb flash drive which has the U3 functionality can have many Windows applications installed on it which can be run on a computer when the flash drive is connected to it, without the need to install the programs on the PC itself.

Many people use USB flash drives these day as MP3 audio players - a decent one will include a earphones jack socket and an LCD for browsing and selecting albums and tracks. Some even have a rechargeable battery and input jack. Winamp Portable Edition is often installed on USB flash drives for organised a music collection.

A flash drive can be used as a portable music or movie library and can be connected to a home or car stereo or video unit that has a USB port. If you need a far larger storage capacity you may need to consider buying yourself something like a 2TB external hard drive, although these devices are much larger and nowhere near as portable as a USB pen drive.

A 16gb flash drive is easily capable of running an alternate operating system such as Ubuntu and Puppy Linux.

There are many business people who use a flash drive for marketing and promoting their products - for example a memory stick can be used for presenting Powerpoint shows or PDF documents of products and services.

How a 16gb Flash Drive works for all your storage needs

A 16gb flash drive is a slick and robust piece of hardware and there is nothing inside it which moves mechanically. It consists of a very small printed circuit board, comprising a USB connector and various circuit elements. This board is contained within a metal, plastic or rubber outer casing.

A USB flash drive will draw its power from a computer via an external USB connection. All the data which is stored on a 16gb flash drive is unsusceptible to dust or scratches and the sturdy nature of a flash drive makes it a highly rated method of transporting date from location to location.

Most USB flash drives are formatted with the industry-standard FAT32 file system. Flash memory enables data to be written and rewritten to the pen drive many times